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Vraag uit de Tsjechische Republiek

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Ik ontving afgelopen week een mailtje uit de Tsjechische Republiek, bij wie gaat een lampje branden als hij deze mailwisseling leest?

On 3 sep. 2023 at 16:23, Mike Vaculik <mike.vaculik@xxxxhoo.com> wrote:
Hi I am looking for few club members that I met in Czech republc (Chomutov) around 1999?
I was young cop there and we met at the camp by "Kemencive jezero". They gave me this patch and I just finde it. Please can you look into it? Thank you
Mike Vaculik

On Sunday, September 3, 2023, 5:10 PM, Secretaris Udcn <secretaris@udcn.nl> wrote:
Do you know any names or places they did come from? We have about 300 members.
It is hard to find someone with no more information.

On 3 sep. 2023 at 19:36, Mike Vaculik <mike.vaculik@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi unfortunately no but thank you for answering. It has been a long time. We took some pictures with my handcuffs;) funn;) thanks again

On Sunday, September 3, 2023, 7:54 PM, Secretaris Udcn <secretaris@udcn.nl> wrote:
Maybe you can send me the pictures and I recognize somebody when you are lucky.

;) that's a great idea but they took those pictures ;) and that's why I am looking for them to see if they have the ;)) anyway.we played pearl jam and played some soccer.it was a fun time.I no longer live in that town .and my mother found this patch and I was like wow I have to try.thank you for trying
Roel de Glopper
secretaris UDCN
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